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ESR 14 - Matthew Zorkau

Characterizing the coordinated regulation and localization of mitochondrial protein synthesis


My scientific journey began with an undergraduate degree in Physiology at the University of Liverpool, UK. Next I completed a Masters in Biomedical Science at the University of Melbourne, Australia. During this time I identified and characterised chaperones that regulate trafficking of the antigen presenting molecule MR1. 

My interest is in the molecular basis of regulatory mechanisms within mammalian cells. Large gaps of knowledge remain in relation to mitochondrial gene translation and how the mitoribosome functions. Using high powered microscopy and proteomics, my project will explore the steps involved in mitochondrial protein synthesis, addressing the roles particular mitoribosomal proteins and assembly factors play.



Matthew Zorkau

AG Lightowlers, Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research, Newcastle University

4th Floor Cookson Building
Medical School, Framlington Place
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4HH

Telephone +44-0191-208-8462
E-mail matthew.zorkau(at)