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ESR 7 - Direnis Erdinc

Mechanisms and regulation of transcription termination in human mitochondria 


I graduated from the Biology Department, Middle East Technical University, Turkey. After that, I worked on microalgae, CO2 mitigation and wastewater remediation during my master thesis.

I believe that mitochondrial biology still keeps many unknown phenomena that wait to be revealed by the scientists. For me, it is the greatest motivation to discover new findings and contribute to humanity. Mechanisms and regulation processes of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) transcription are very fascinating topics. My interest in factors dependent on mtDNA stability and mitochondrial dysfunction is exclusive since studying on these less understood topics may give rise to potential cures for many diseases such as diabetes mellitus type II and Parkinson disease.

Thanks to the REMIX ITN, I could be a part of the research on these undefined pathways and get a great opportunity to be involved in this project. I am very excited and motivated to improve myself in different aspects, both experimental and theoretical means and work with an international team in next 3 years.


Direniş Erdinç

AG Falkenberg, Institute of Biomedicine, University of Gothenburg

Medicinaregatan 9A
Dept.of Biochemistry & Cell Biology
41390 Gothenburg, Sweden

E-mail direnis.cayli(at)