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ESR 5 - Vivek Singh

Structures of the human mitochondrial ribosome


I have had a long relationship with protein structural biology, with moments of success as well as failures, but my journey so far, has undeniably been intellectually rewarding. I did a Master's in Technology at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. My Master’s thesis work culminated in determination of the structure of a bacterial ribosome biogenesis factor, a GTPase protein YphC G-domain -1 which allowed the identification of unique aspects of its biochemistry. 

Having acquired a background in ribosome research, I now aim to pursue structural studies of mitochondrial ribosomes, which are indeed one of the most complex and important molecular machines in the eukaryotic cell. ITN REMIX being an international program brings me in direct touch with other groups carrying out cutting edge research in mitochondrial biology thereby, facilitating me to study the mitoribosomes while appreciating their role in the larger context of mitochondrial biology.


Vivek Singh

AG Amunts, Arrhenius Laboratories for Natural Sciences, University Stockholm

Tomtebodavägen 23b
171 65 Solna, Sweden

E-mail vivek.singh(at)