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Tackling Imposter Syndrome 2020

The online event "Tackling Imposter Syndrome" will take place on Friday 18th December, 18:00 - 19:00 CET.

Stress: Thesis Writing & Management 2020

The online event "Stress: Thesis Writing & Management" will take place on Friday 4th December, 18:00 - 19:00 CET.

MitOX 2020

The Nuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health invites you to MitOX 2020 on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th…

Mitochondria Seminars 2020

Advanced Master students are going to present a seminar and research proposal on "Mitochondrial Genetics and Evolution" …

CMEM Seminar Series 2020 - 2021

The Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine presents its seminar series!

Protein Homeostasis in Health and Disease

November 11 - 14, 2020 Virtual Meeting

CMMC Novel Technologies Webinar Series "Holographic microscopy in cell analysis - how anvajo's technological developments shape the future of daily research"- Anvajo GmbH 2020

CMMC Novel Technologies WebInar: XdropTM Technology for Targeted Enrichment of Genomic Regions for Long- and Short-Read Sequencing 2020

CMMC Webinar Series “DO´S and DON’Ts during the INTERVIEW PROCESS” with insights from a live role play 2020

Virtual Meeting 20 October 2020

10th Italian Meeting on Mitochondrial Diseases

Virtual Meeting October 9-10, 2020