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ESR Projects


No. Title Principal Investigators Institution Fellows
ESR 1 Project 

The Role of LONP1 in mitochondrial DNA maintenance.

Aleksandra Trifunovic University of Cologne, Germany Dieu Hien Ho
ESR 2 Project The role of paraplegin in mitochondrial gene expression. Thomas Langer University of Cologne, Germany Yvonne Lasarzewski
ESR 3 Project Post Transcriptional regulation of mitochondrial gene expression by CLUH. Elena Rugarli University of Cologne, Germany Pirzada Mujeeb
ESR 4 Project Impact of inaccurate mitochondrial translation on stress signaling and ageing. Martin Ott Stockholm University, Sweden Magdalena Rzepka
ESR 5 Project dentification of novel factor governing mitochondrial ribosomal assembly and protein synthesis. Alexey Amunts Stockholm University, Sweden Vivek Singh
ESR 6 Project Development of Novel Mouse Models Carrying Specific Mitochondrial DNA mutations. James Bruce Stewart MPI-AGE, Cologne, Germany Pamella Marie Sendon
ESR 7 Project Mechanisms and regulation of transcription termination in human mitochondria. Maria Falkenberg University of Gothenburg, Germany Direnis Erdinc
ESR 8 Project Molecular insights into inhibition mechanisms of the mitochondrial transcription. Claes Gustafsson University of Gothenburg, Germany Carlos Pardo Hernandez
ESR 9 Project Novel insights into maintenance of mitochondrial genome in POLG-related disease models. Massimo Zeviani MRC-Mitochondrial Biology Unit, Cambridge, UK Pedro Pinheiro
ESR 10 Project Biogenesis and function of mitochondrial ribosome. Michal Minczuk MRC-Mitochondrial Biology Unit, Cambridge, UK Petra Palenikova
ESR 11 Project Mitochondrial RNA granule associated proteins: investigating their roles in mtDNA gene regulation and expression. Jean-Claude Martinou University of Geneva, Switzerland Vanessa Xavier
ESR 12 Project Nucleoid associated proteins and their function. Johannes Spelbrink Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands Alisa Potter
ESR 13 Project Characterization of the quality control mechanisms that operate in human mitochondrial protein synthesis. Zofia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers  Newcastle University, UK Ana Madalina Ion
ESR 14 Project Characterizing the coordinated regulation and localization of mitochondrial protein synthesis. Robert N. Lightowlers Newcastle University, UK Matthew Zorkau
ESR 15 Poject Role of redox signalling on mtDNA expression and regulation. Jan Smeitink Khondrion, Nijmegen, Netherlands Xin Li