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Scientific Work Packages

Work Package 5 - Novel insights into maintenance of mitochondrial genome
ESR 01 Project - Dieu Hien Ho: The Role of LONP1 in mitochondrial DNA maintenance
ESR 06 Project - Pamella Marie Sendon: Development of Novel Mouse Models Carrying Specific Mitochondrial DNA mutations
ESR 09 Project - Pedro Pinheiro: Novel insights into maintenance of mitochondrial genome in POLG-related disease models
ESR 12 Project - Alisa Potter: Nucleoid associated proteins and their function
ESR 15 Project - Xin Li: Role of redox signalling on mtDNA expression and regulation


Work Package 6 - Molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial RNA processing 
ESR 07 Project - Direnis Erdinc: Mechanisms and regulation of transcription termination in human mitochondria
ESR 08 Project - Carlos Pardo Hernández: Molecular insights into inhibition mechanisms of the mitochondrial transcription
ESR 11 Project - Vanessa Xavier: Mitochondrial RNA granule associated proteins: investigating their roles in mtDNA gene regulation and expression


Work Package 7 - Identification of novel factor governing mitochondrial ribosomal Assembly and protein synthesis 
ESR 02 Project - Yvonne Lazarzewski: The role of paraplegin in mitochondrial gene expression
ESR 03 Project - Pirzada Mujeeb: Post Transcriptional regulation of mitochondrial gene expression by CLUH
ESR 04 Project - Magdalena Rzepka: The impact of inaccurate mitochondrial translation on stress signaling and ageing
ESR 05 Project - Vivek Singh: Structures of the human mitochondrial ribosome
ESR 10 Project - Petra Palenikova: Biogenesis and function of mitochondrial ribosome
ESR 13 Project - Ana Madalina Ion: Characterization of the quality control mechanisms that operate in human mitochondrial protein synthesis
ESR 14 Project - Matthew Zorkau: Characterizing the coordinated regulation and localization of mitochondrial protein synthesis